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Willow Happiness Drive-Thru Parade

We miss our students and families so much that we are driving through the Willow neighborhoods to wave hello this Friday, May 1st from 10:30-11:30am!

School Closed Until June 10th

All schools in ABCUSD will now be closed until June 10th for the safety and health of all our students, families, and staff. Although our schools remain closed, classes are still in session via Online Learning at Home. Students should continue to log into their Google Classroom and complete assignments. There is also a change to the grab&go meal schedule. Meals will now be served on Mondays and Wednesdays only. Students will receive multiple meals each of these days. We miss our students greatly. Please stay safe!

Updates for the week of 3/23/20

We will continue to check out mobile devices for ALL students, including TK & Kinder, Mon-Thurs in the library from 9:30am-12:00pm. We encourage all students to participate in online learning in Google Classroom. If you need tech support, you can call the district tech support call center at 562-229-7929. Paper learning packets are still available for pick up in the library at this time for TK & Kinder, RSP students, as well as for students whose parents requested.

Updates for Sat, 3/21/20

We hope you received the Supt's message. Schools remain closed until May 5th. There have also been changes to the grab & go meal sites - Willow students will need to pick up meals at Haskell MS or Artesia HS (M-Th, 11-12:30). Please check the district website for more info.

Updates for Wed. 3/18/20

Find out more info about our distribution plan for mobile devices (Grades 1-6) and learning packets for TK/Kinder, Primary SDC, & RSP.

Temporary Internet Services and Computer Devices for Home

The School District has determined that approximately 5% of ABC students do not have Internet service or a computer device at home. ABC's Online Learning at Home program requires that each student have access to basic Internet, and a computer device, laptop, Chromebook, or iPad.
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